If thermal efficiency is among your top priorities, Klima® is a smart bet

Based on a premium series from Europe by Kömmerling and designed and manufactured in New Zealand to suit Kiwi conditions, Klima® is the ultimate energy-efficient window and door solution. From November 2023, the minimum insulation requirements for cooler climate zones increased to the final performance requirements, as outlined in the H1 Clause of the New Zealand Building Code. Klima® exceeds the highest standard for each zone, so you can feel confident knowing you’re ahead of the game.

Key features of Klima® include:

  • A maximum 6 energy stars under WEERS (Window Energy Efficiency Rating System) when used with high performance glazing
  • State-of-the-art multi chamber design
  • Seamless welded corners for extra strength
  • Super thick profiles for maximum thermal insulation, high quality weather resistance, and strength in high wind zones
  • Available in a standard range of windows and doors, with the exception of a bi-fold format
  • Aligns with standard industry installation practices for ease of installation
Why choose Klima®?
  • Thermal efficiency – a thermally efficient home can be cheaper to warm compared to one built to code
  • Healthier Home – an affordable investment to create a healthy home that is warm, comfortable, and dry
  • Noise Reduction – Klima® offers excellent levels of noise reduction
  • Durability – thanks to the highly durable nature of uPVC, Klima® shows no sign of degrading or discolouring

For more information, view the Klima® brochure or visit the website here.  

Passive ventilation

With our passive ventilation solutions you’ll be breathing fresh air all day, in any weather.
On average, we breathe 13,000 litres of air per day and spend around 90% of our day indoors – either at home, work or school.
We’re away from home more than ever and have concerns around noise, security and bugs so we don’t open our windows enough to keep our indoor air fresh through the whole day.

Indoor pollutants such as moisture, allergens, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are trapped inside which impacts our health and performance and can damage buildings.

Thorough ventilation is the best way to keep our indoor air quality high and flush out moisture and indoor pollutants.

Why Choose Passive Ventilation?

  • Introduces fresh air into the building envelope
  • Makes homes healthier, by improving air quality
  • Easier and more efficient to heat, reducing energy consumption.